Friday, January 22, 2010

SLC Car Show 2010

This year has a good start so far, I'm 28 I went to a car show last weekend, and love life. I'm not even a big car person normally. However in the past few years I've been to a few of these shows, and I have to say, that they are growing on me, and I might just have to get myself one of these gorgeous cars one day. Perhaps for my mid-life crisis! HA HA!
Preferably I would love to get an older restored car, though I'm not sure if I would want to restore it myself, or just buy it that way, but the older car definately have more class, and get more respect. Too bad not all old people get the same, however if they looked like this I think they would!
What better way to spoil your piece of cold steel than to ACCESSORIZE! The lighting effect was totally natural..... well not totally;) but it wasn't photoshopped......... much.
Don't you wish your insides looked this pretty?
Some hate the glare, but I love it, plus I couldn't avoid it!