Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well after 6-7 months I finally decided it was time to get my hernia fixed. It wasn't all that bad, but it did effect me. So I went to my doctor, who charged me a twenty dollar co-pay to have me drop my pants to make sure it was actually a hernia then gave the name of another doctor who would actually do the surgery. After about another month of waiting I met him, and he also made me drop my pants, but this time it cost me thirty dollars. We setup a time for the surgery. Happy Day :) or so I thought, I couldn't eat 12-15 hrs before the surgery, and then instead of 9:00 I had to come in at 12:00, well after three hours and a nurse who took three tries to get the IV in a vain, I finally went in... I woke up at 5:30 - 6:00 wife my beautiful wife, and gorgeous daughter.
The pictures were removed, because too many people mentioned it was disgusting.
The upside is I got off work, and I'm spending a lot of time watching my little girl grow. Plus my wife Katie is being awesome and helping me stand up, getting me food, and taking care of Delila when she's fussy.


the keele's said...

this is nasty, BUT i am glad that you got it fixed. love ya gimpy boy!

Kevin Keele said...

What the-it looks like they put a chain link fence up in your guts? These pictures make me sick, there are parts of you I never wanted to see. Glad you're okay!

Jakes Blog said...

Send me the pictures!
glad to see you up and running your computer.

The Wies Family said...

I'm feeling left out that I never saw the pics. You should post them again.

Dal'n said...

You removed pics?! DANG it... I would love to see that. I still have the pic of my grandpa's hernia being removed stuck in my mind.