Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harlick Logo

My In laws are amazing people, so I decided to say thank you by making this cool updated logo for their company. Since my understanding is limited with the programs to make such a Logo. I acquired the help from my Father who is a genius at the programs. He helped me learn more about 3-D modeling and Animation, hopefully I can take what I've learned and grow from there.

The main edge Harlick has, is their hand made custom boots. Not only are they very durable, comfortable, the company designs, fits and makes their boots here in the country. While most other companies around the US outsource their production over seas to cut costs and increase profits, Harlick remains a family oriented company that provides good quality for a good deal.

A few movies that have used Harlick Skates are Ice Princess and Blades Of Glory.


The Wies Family said...

This is awesome! You are very talented at logo work. Good job.

The Wies Family said...
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Ginger said...

Very nice Richard. I hope we can use your talents someday. Glad you got to see the factory and how it all comes together and why I'm always at work.

We had a film/media guy come in last week from Sweden. The ice skating World championships are in Gothenberg the end of Feb. Who knows how it will all turn out but out of all the Boot companies in the world he came and saw Harlick! Rudy met him last year in Japan at Worlds. The day he came we were so busy with customers and he filmed almost all of them either picking up or being fit for new boots. He was very impressed. At least Rudy has a friend in Sweden when he goes to Worlds to work-maybe it will be good for business too!

Keep up the great work and thanks again for the Photoshop tips. I'm still learning.

Jakes Blog said...

Looks good