Friday, April 30, 2010

Sold out or realized a dream take your pick!

The logo's below are for my Professional Photography company and my photo studio.
It's called Wyatt Earp, because I live on Wyatt Earp Avenue, original huh?


The Wies Family said...

These are awesome! I love the Wyatt Earp name...good idea.

Jacob Keele said...

It is a good name, I must agree, I like the cool RDK logo, still awesome

ptstand said...

Hey Richard, Can't believe I found you--there were so many Richard Keeles listed on Facebook. So Here's the deal. Zac Freeman, previous companion in many of your adventures (or perhaps misadventures:), is getting married! He wants your address as well as Josh's. Could you send those to me at
Thanks--and I love your photos!
So cool that you have a studio--that's exactly what I would love to do.
Aunt Paula