Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coolant Failure

A few weeks ago, my Coolant light came on, not knowing the severity of the problem, I kept driving home. That night I bought more coolant and put it in the car. The next day on the way to work, the light came on again, now I was worried, so once I got to work I checked the radiator, and sure enough there was a leak. I huge crack.
So I decided to Google Radiators. By accident, I ended up chatting online with they said thay had my part, mentioned they could get it to me in a few hrs, and qouted me a price. I had no intention of doing something this extensive job on my own, but figured I'd save at least $100 doing it this way. So I took the following day off from work, and went home, the whole time with the coolant light on.

After arriving home and seeing the Radiator waiting for me I decided to begin the task at hand. It took me about two hrs to complete the job, the entire time Katie bored out of her mind watching me, with Delila curious yet bored as well. Finishing, I refilled the radiator with coolant, and called it a night. The day I took off, turned into a day to help my wife with girls camp, Oh joy.

Despite what they said, it was much harder than changing a tire.


Katherine Wies said...

You have always been very handy. Now that your car is fixed can you come over and fix my gumball machine? Just kidding!

the keele's said...

that was not fun! not to mention that was DELILAS BIRTHDAY DAY! oh joy! haha i am glad though that you are handy enough to fix things on your own! love ya

Jacob Keele said...

Looks like a lot, jj, uh, but no good job with fixikng it, i wouldn't have been able too.

Tinaya said...

way too go vince says!!!