Friday, August 29, 2008

Provo Temple

On Wednesday Katie and I left the Temple around 8:00 pm after doing sealings. We left with this site on the horizon, all I had was my Camera phone, not too great, but it had the desired effect. The first photo is without anything changed, the second is Photoshopped, I tried to saturated the blue and orange to give a little more to the photo. Hopefully it worked:)


Katherine Wies said...

That is really pretty. I want to get photoshop. I am hoping that I will get it for my birthday or Christmas. Looks like you and Katie are both having lots of fun with it!

the keele's said...

so pretty husband! yes, that was a beautiful night wasn't it! love ya much!

Jacob Keele said...

that is really pretty rich, Ilike them both a lot, and the saturated one looks like it's kinda later in th night. it rocks

Tracie said...

You are quite an amazing photographer! night sky and every day!