Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photo Phun with Phil

My Father in-law flew out this last weekend to visit our family. I'm big into Astronomy and getting into Photography, he is very much into photography, so Saturday Night we busted out my telescope, for my birthday I recieved a t-mount from my brothers, it's a piece of metal used to attach a camera to a telescope. Here's my favorite photo's from that night. The third photo was taken a few weeks before, it's a bit grainy due to my ISO being set too high.

The one below is by far my favorite Photo, I have this as my desktop wallpaper.

This is the grainy photo, you can't really notice the graininess unless you enlarge it, but it still looks great. Enjoy!!!


The Wies Family said...

These are very cool pictures! I also really like the pictures you took from the airplane while flying to Cali. You are very talented with both astronomy and photography.

Jacob Keele said...

Dude, I love The Moon, Great Job on these!

alias: Ender Wiggin said...

That's so crazy...really good photos.

Josh Keele said...

I love these moon pictures Rich they ROCK! I might even steal some.