Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SLR Camera Backpack SLRC-5

New Camera Bag, Yes I'm Spoiled Rotten!!!

You can store the Camera up top.

And Lenses Below.

Extreme Comfort for long hikes.

Side pockets with straps to attach a Parka, or Tripod.

I now have to decide what's more important?

Additional lenses or food/drink to take hiking.


The Wies Family said...

That is really nice! I am excited to see more of your photographs as you continue to take them. Hopefully this backpack will make it a lot easier to take pictures. I think we need to go back to Zions so you can take some pictures there.

Richard Keele said...

yeah, that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your blog and saw your new camera bag. I like it. Looks really versatile. I also enjoyed your photos. You really got some good ones. Your eye for seeing a good composition is great. We need to go back in the early summer and see the areas that are closed in the winter.


Jacob Keele said...

Sick Bag Rich!